Arrive late, Leave Early

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What does that mean? Its shorthand for you’re writing a novel. Not a play.

You don’t need to give stage directions.

‘He crossed the room to the desk. He opened the third drawer down. Withdrew the gun. Turned and fired two shots.

No, No, No!

He took the gun from the desk and fired

Now when you’re really in to writing what you can do is add to this.

The first shot hit Fred between the eyes. The second in the throat’. Then you
go on to describe the blood dripping down his nose across his cheeks and
soaking in to the collar of his denim shirt turning it mauve’. Because the blood and the collar turning mauve is nice imagery. That’s not stage directions.

By walking across the room and opening the desk and fiddling around with the third drawer down and turning is holding up the action. The only person to die will be the reader of old age. What the reader wants is to know is that Fred’s had his comeuppance.