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Its one of the most difficult things to do in writing. Capturing a person on paper. Not what they look like. But what they are. What impression do they have or leave you with. Who, or what are they really.

If you can do it well. It marks you as good/great writer. Here’s a tip you won’t find in any books about learning how to write.

Cut out a picture of a person from a newspaper or magazine (NOT)
Someone famous). Blue Tack it to a wall in front of you. Study it for five
minutes. Then write what you see. Does the face look sad.

Why might that be? What do the clothes tell you about them. If it’s female is there a wedding ring. If she looks unhappy. Might that to do with the marriage He’s young But his hair has turned grey. Illness? Stress?

She has an intelligent countenance. Confident in herself. Or just arrogant? He’s looking straight at the lens. Does that mean he is the sort of person that has nothing to hide? Etc, etc, etc.

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