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A very famous and celebrated author once said ‘That getting published was 99% luck, and if you can write, that also helps.’

We here at The Writers Showcase don’t believe that that has to be the case. We offer practical and positive moves to getting published and making vast sales that don’t rely on luck (and in some case don’t rely on the quality of the work).

Most importantly we offer a platform for you to display your work.  Once you have uploaded your book . The Writers Showcase provides the opportunity for readers to get a taste of your work , free of charge. Because we provide the means for them to read the first three or four chapters free. Thereafter there is a link to Amazon and other retail outlets for them to purchase your work in either Kindle of book form.

But we don’t stop there. Thanks to our data base of readers. We are able to send regular and constant e-mail mail shots about your work to help promote sales and spread the word about you. Because however good your novel is. It won’t sell if readers don’t know about you.


Meet Graham.

Graham Burlem

I was born in London and still live there. I left school at 15 and after a series of dead-end jobs went in to estate agency. I opened my own agency in the mid 80’s. I had an urge to write . So I signed on with a basic course at the City Lit in London. After only a few sessions I realised I had discovered a passion that was probably going to stay with me all my life. Because I’m just in love with writing. Since then I have written several novels and a number of award winning short stories. I like listening to jazz. My other passion is playing Rummy-Kub a game I’m almost addicted to. Now semi-retired, my time is spent between taking care of business affairs when necessary and writing novels.

I started The Writers Showcase because we live in a publishing age now where because so many books are published ones work is easily lost amongst the multitude. These days you need a strong voice and strong action to have your worked recognised . There are of course a number of advertising platforms. But they are excruciatingly expensive for the individual and offer no guarantee of recognition or sales.

It occurred to me that a site created for promoting novels would seriously help writers become discovered who might not otherwise have been. A site that gives them unique exposure .That allows readers, free of charge, to sample what’s on offer. A site linked to Amazon. So that once appetites have been wetted sample readings can be immediately converted in to sales. A site that routinely sends out e-mail shots to readers to keep your name and your work regularly at the forefront of their minds.

The other reason for creating the site was because it’s hard to get published in the conventional sense these days. Adequate writing is no longer acceptable because of the pressure agents and publishers are under. It seems to me that sometimes rather than looking for manuscripts that are acceptable. They’re busy looking for reasons not to take work. And to some degree of fairness poor writing does give them a legitimate reason. Sometimes.

There are lots of carpenters and electricians and tradesmen generally. Of course some are better than others. But they all have the basic understanding of what’s required of them for conducting their trade. So it occurred to me . If people have the urge and the desire to write . Why not put them in touch with the fundamentals and the writing tools that will help them along the road to success. Why not give them also the opportunity of airing what they’ve done.

The guidelines offered in The Writers Showcase are easy and practical and if followed should lead to a long a satisfying life of writing.


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