The Writers Showcase

Author: A. D. T. McLellan
Publish: January 1, 2017
Format: ebook
Pages: 440
Language: English
Book URL: Buy

When loner Cassie Gellar moves to the coastal town of Horn-Horn, she hopes to make some real friends. She's growing tired of her siblings: snobby older sister Annie, and gay younger brother Brendan.

However, after her first day at Horn-Horn High-High, she gets lost in the local woods and stumbles across a little boy named Zag, who is shackled to a strange, clay head. Cassie sneaks Zag home and learns that he is no ordinary boy — he is a ‘Child of Crux’: a magical orphan with the ability to grant unlimited wishes. His previous owner, a princess named Ursula, has arrived in Horn-Horn to recapture him. This leads Cassie down an unexpected rabbit-hole as she gradually uncovers the shocking truth about the mysterious seaside town she now calls home.

What is so special about Horn-Horn?

Full of intelligent comedy, mystery, science-fiction, pop-culture references, fantasy, horror, and twists galore, the constantly evolving town of ‘Horn-Horn’ proves that friendship and family can transcend even space and time itself!





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