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A Landscape of Deceit
Author: Graham Burlem
Format: ebook
Pages: 216
Book URL: Buy

A Landscape of Deceit is a story of unrestrained and uninhibited Boardroom and sexual passion acted out against a backdrop of contemporary corporate London.Wily property magnate Harry Clifton is confident that with a little of his customary ‘ducking and diving’ he’ll be able to fight off a hostile takeover bid for his beloved property development PLC company, which is necessary if he is to avoid discovery of his years of fraud and embezzlement. All that’s required is the support of his son and fellow director, twenty seven year old James.But when voting power suddenly falls into the lap of Victoria, Harry’s thirty year old daughter, whose share holding could make the difference. She sees a way of destroying her father who she holds responsible for her mother’s death.Victoria discovers that her brother secretly keeps changing his mind about whether to support their father. In an attempt to find out why she discovers more reasons for hating Harry. Not least his attempts at manipulating the stock market to thwart the attempted takeover and his affairs, particularly with his current secretary. Unable to forgive his infidelities even though she herself is in the throws of a raging love affair and about to leave her husband. She is set on destroying her father while Harry is set on destroying anyone, or anything, standing in his way, even if it’s family.




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