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A list to die for cover
A List to Die For
Author: Graham Burlem
Publish: 31/10/2017
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 244
Country: England
Language: English
Book URL: Buy

Jack Kreeger has one simple question, who kidnapped his son? Jack would pay anything to get Tony free. And he can. Jack's rich. Very rich. He owns one of the last independent gambling casinos in the West End of London with a car park full of Rollers every night. Classy, but maybe not so clean. It's a world of glamorous corruption where sex is expensive and life is cheap. And the players think the rules simply don't apply. Jack can pay, but whoever has Tony isn't after money.

They want a certain notebook created by Jack's deceased lifelong friend and business partner Ronnie Miller that details the drug dealing at the casino. The names of A-listers, politicians, members of the bench who get their scores and whores via a hoodlum who pimped his girls from the place. The notebook also details Ronnie's connection with a drug dealing blackmailer with a female enforcer who seriously doesn't like men. And where is the notebook they so desperately want that they'd kidnap for. And even kill? And who is they? The pimp? The blackmailer? Jack wants answers and Tony back. So he calls on Eddie Sutton. An ex-cop. Likeable, cynical, who knows his way around the London underworld. Who isn't above buying information or breaking the law or someone's legs for it. Or getting laid when the opportunity presents itself. Eddie's a quick study. But is he quick enough to find the notebook and save Tony Kreeger's life?

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