The Writers Showcase

Author: Helen Sunter
Publish: October 29, 2012
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 318
Language: English
Book URL: Buy

One wrong may impact a lifetime, but for an angel, it can have repercussions for eternity.

Exiled from Heaven, Ashrafel must walk the earth as a fallen angel until he can right the wrong that cost a human life. He waits patiently for the soul of the woman he loves to be reborn, never knowing if this will be the last time, or if he will be doomed to repeat the mistakes of his past and lose her again.

Kate, fixated on the past and reluctant to live in the present, discovers a hidden casket beneath the floor of her local church and is compelled to discover the secret it contains. When she does, she is faced with the most important dilemma of her life. Can she overcome the past and find a way to send Ashrafel home, or will she succumb to the evil that stalks her and send him to Hell?

Either way, she will lose the man she loves.

Both of them need saving, from themselves, from evil, from Hell, but the past and the man that wants Ashrafel's soul for himself, is catching up with them and time is running out.



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