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Borderline: My Life on the Run in Mexico, A true story
Publish: June 28, 2021
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 130
Country: Mexico
Language: English
Book URL: Buy

Borderline: My Life on the Run in Mexico, A true story

Chase Hartzell-Marcotte- Borderline

Borderline, My Life on the Run in Mexico, a True Story
Manuscript Synopsis

CHASE has been running his entire life. In and out of juvenile hall and prison several
times, he has decided that running away to Mexico is the solution to his problems with the law.
He spends his time in prison teaching himself spanish and studying the law. After several years
inside, Chase is realeased from prison and immediately sets his plan in motion to leave for
Mexico. A serious of unfortuante events leads Chase to leave the USA with only 20 dollars in his
pocket and a trail of wreckage following him all the way into Tijuana. The misadventure
becomes far more serious and terrifying the second Chase steps across the border.
The first third of the manuscript deals with a brief history of the thinking and past
behavior that lead up to running away to Mexico, as well as his preperation for a life on the run.
Also, the gritty events immediately after release from prison, which required the
departure date to be expedited.
The second third of the manuscript describe the misadventures and tough lessons
Chase learns about life in Mexico while on the run: being robbed, kidnapped, and terrorized by
other criminals and corrupt police.
The final third describes Chase's life in Mexico as a professional MMA fighter, another
harrowing kidnapping, the death of his best friend at the hands of the cartel, and his marriage to
the daughter of a cartel boss and the luxurious life they lived while an intense war between the
Mexican government and the rival cartels rages in the foreground.



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