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By Pure Chance
Author: Paul `Pops` Westlake
Publish: February 1, 2021
Format: ebook
Pages: 240
Book URL: Buy

By Pure Chance. It was all so innocent. Martin Gregson was out one night just looking for teabags and a Victoria Sponge to share with his wife. But a wrong turn down one street led him unexpectedly back to his past and a chance encounter with his first true love, Wendy, someone who he hasn`t seen for about twenty years. It doesn`t take long for Martin to realise that the feelings that he had for her back then, are still very much there, and there`s nothing that it seems he can do about it. Wendy though, after learning that he is now married, wants to fight her feelings which she still has for him and she intends to. But her unfortunate circumstances, her ex-husband leaving her with massive debts, eventually seems to draw her to him. It comes to the question Should a past love stay in the past, or do you risk everything you have today for it?



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