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Cleopatra’s Tomb
Author: Nellie H. Steele
Publish: 2020-11-18
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 330
Country: United States
Language: English
Book URL: Buy

Cleopatra's Tomb

"Cleopatra’s Tomb is the perfect page-turning getaway." - Indies Today
Maggie Edwards has just received a mysterious package...
Inside is a bejeweled golden scarab.

When 27-year-old shop-owner, Maggie, receives a package from her archeologist uncle containing a valuable artifact, she’s puzzled to say the least.

And there’s a cryptic note to go along with it.

Uncle Ollie has never done anything like this, and when the note insinuates that he’s in trouble, Maggie knows it’s up to her to find her uncle and keep the golden scarab safe.

But she’s not even sure how to get started.

Luckily, her research connects her with her uncle’s friend, Henry Taylor, and together they take off around the globe to uncover the secrets of the golden scarab and the ancient treasure that it unlocks.

Can Maggie rescue Uncle Ollie and learn the true value of the scarab?

Or will she be too late?

Cleopatra’s Tomb is Book One in the Maggie Edwards Adventure series and is for people who love globe-trotting adventure, hidden treasures and page-turning twists.



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