The Writers Showcase

Author: BW Smith
Publish: May 20, 2021
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 136
Country: United States
Language: English
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BW Smith was born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  Recently newlywed, she and her husband currently reside in Atlanta Georgia. Growing up one of five children, she developed a penchant for writing at an early age.  Poetry being her first attempt at writing, she remembers learning about the various types of poetry, with the haiku form being her favorite.  As time moved on, she began to realize how much she truly loved the written word.  She was an avid reader and told herself that she would, at some point in her life, write novels.  At times, she would dream whole stories from beginning to end - then wake up without noting anything and the stories would quickly disappear.  Although she didn’t keep notes, she knew that there would always be more where they came from.  Besides writing, she is also an accomplished vocalist and has traveled the world using her gift of song.  Now she says she can combine the two gifts and share them with the world.  They can and do interchange - traveling to various parts of the world, and meeting all types of people can lead to great songs and exciting stories!




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