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Fools and Scoundrels
Author: Fiona Lamont
Publish: January 23, 2021
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 300
Language: English
Reader's Review: Great for readers of Carl Hiaasen and Mick Herron.
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Journalist Colin Wilton investigates the dark heart of power and becomes corrupted by his revulsion to it.

Set in the dystopian society that is modern-day Britain, this darkly comic thriller will entertain anyone disillusioned with politics. Journalist Colin Wilton starts an investigative journey that involves environmental concerns, Pop Stars, the Russian security service, egomaniacal politicians, and a personal assistant with murderous intents. His companion on this journey is Lucy Turner, an extremely wealthy world-famous singer, beautiful but dissolute, with few morals and a passion for sensation and excitement. Their final destination becomes vastly different from where both thought they were heading, forcing Colin to conclude that he has become no better than those he has stood in judgment upon.




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