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I Arise Through Difficulties
Author: Daniel Michael Mullane
Publish: June 8, 2021
Format: ebook

This book covers the 60s to the present. I Arise Through Difficulties, is story of contradictions of a young man brought up by working-class Irish Catholics who became militant communists in the mistaken belief that the Soviet Union was a workers utopia.

As a young man, I was very naïve. I was a member of the Young Communist League. Arrested at an anti-Vietnam demonstration, I became a paid spy for ASIO Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.
I became antithetical to my parents’ beliefs. I left school at 15. I was picked on for an Irish accent. Also, I wore orthopaedic boots to correct a leg deformity. I learned to fight; the only rule in fighting is winning. I rejected the usual norms of society, always on the outside. My overconfidence exceeded my ability in most endeavours, but I’d a talent with my golden tongue and appearance. I raced speedway cars with spectacular non-success

In 2009 I was diagnosed with a crippling muscle disease that I recovered after a new drug. I was just a working-class guy battling the system.  South Western Sydney was a tough, rough area. I apologise for my errant ways, and it’s not what I am; it’s what I did. Nobody can change the past. We learn from mistakes and be better persons. We are products of our times.



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