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Author: Jarrit Sachan
Publish: January 2, 2021
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 176
Country: Canada
Language: English
Book URL: Buy



When fiction steps out of the darkness and becomes fact our perceptions of reality change. We all see patterns that are not there sometimes; and read too deep into things sometimes. Yet sometimes; just sometimes: we catch glimpses of our all encompassing reality. “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all” - proverb.
I want this to be a book you take with you to the internet. In many cases I have sourced the link for my information directly beside it for those who are reading online. It should be very easy to quickly check the source with a simple copy/paste. I’m not perfect and probably missed adding a source or two. By all means go look up for yourself the outlandish claims of the people I reference. I will have the url links in the Sources Cited at the end for you to type into your web browser search engines. It is going to be a challenge to present the ideas, stories and information in a way that will not be dry or exaggerated. Of course in this day and age someone will be offended and berate the points without investigating them.

This book contains stories within stories: hence the name Junction. Chapters sometime contain seemingly endless inter-connected implications with each other of which I am sure some are delusions: others not so much. Nevertheless minding the level of discernment between what may be fact and what may be fiction are central to enjoying the experience of this book.




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