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My Funny Halloween
Author: Julie Ogilvy
Publish: October 31, 2021
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 88
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READ FIRST FEW CHAPTERS HEREMy Funny Halloween: Perched high above the small seaside town of Monarch Bay is a castle inhabited by thirteen ‘monsters’ who run a business called Monsters for Hire. Offering their ‘monster’ speciality to clients. The monsters enjoy a good life working and living together, however living a long life comes with its own downsides…

Book one is Gabriel and Harry’s story…

Halloween is approaching and Harry still hasn’t found his perfect partner, consequently his friends set him up with a date perfect for him. Unhappy he has to attend the party with another woman, Harry regrets agreeing to let his friends set him up on a blind date.

For Gabriel, Halloween is the only night of the year he can walk the streets free to be himself. When Gabriel is hired to take a young man to a Halloween party he is angry at his friends and with great reluctance agrees to go on the blind date.
Both men are expecting the date to be disastrous and reluctantly enter the party.
When they hit it off, unexpected events unfold…
Can Gabriel and Harry overcome the dramas they face and find their happy ever after?

High above the seaside town of Monarch Bay is a Castle inhabited by thirteen monsters. Together they run a Monsters for Hire where they offer their ‘monster’ specialises. The monsters are: Phoenix, gargoyle, Wolf, kitsue, dragon, bogeyman, warlock, incubus, ghoul, kelpie, troll, Gargarean and vampire.

This is Gabriel and Harry’s story:
After being set up on a blind date Gabriel and Harry are reluctant to go a Halloween party together. Harry is expecting another woman but is happy that his friends set him up with a man.
Gabriel is a gargoyle and likes to spend Halloween alone walking the streets without people noticing him. When his friends set him up, Gabriel is displeased but goes.

Harry and Gabriel grungenly agree to enter the party. It soon becomes apparent to them that they like each other.
Unexpectedly, Gabriel doesn’t turn back to stone when the sun rises so he and Harry spend the day together. Gabriel asks Fuzak, the leader of the ‘monsters’ why he isn’t stone. A misunderstanding between Harry and Gabriel enfolds and Harry leaves the castle.

Gabriel goes to get him back, only to find he has been kidnapped by a hag, Perpetua, who wants Gabriel as her husband. A long time ago before Gabriel was a gargoyle he used to be human with a different name, Calixto. Engaged to a young man, Gabriel shunned Perpetua, so in spite she cursed him to be forever stone.

Perpetua agrees to let Harry go if Gabriel marries her. Gabriel accepts her proposal. Without thinking, Harry bites Gabriel claiming him as his mate. Thwarted, again, Perpetua warns them that the Monarch won’t be happy and is coming back to claim his rightful throne. Because Harry is Gabriel’s true mate and they bond, Perpetua is banished.
With help from the other monsters, Gabriel and Harry return to the castle. This book has a happy ever after but the plot about the Monarch continues throughout the series.


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