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Once Upon a Crime
Author: Graham Burlem
Publish: April
Format: ebook
Pages: 300
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English

Once Upon A Crime

Lisa Harvey has only one thing on her mind. Where’s the money? The two million pounds that her husband obtained, then hid, after fencing the proceeds of an armed robbery on a jeweller’s in Kensington, London.

Unfortunately, Lisa can’t ask him where it is because Frank suffered a heart attack while on remand and died shortly after. So she hires a private detective, through whom the story is told, to help her track down the cash. The plan is to find it and turn it over to the insurance company for a legitimate finder’s reward and split it fifty-fifty with the detective.

But she’s not the only one looking for it. There are the other three members of the robbery gang that Frank double –crossed, who will kill if necessary to get their hands on the loot. The Met, who still believe Lisa was involved in the robbery in some way, and the insurance company that reimbursed the jeweller’s of the twenty million stolen, determined at all costs to find the money before anyone else.

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