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Operation Gamekeeper
Author: Katherine Griffiths
Publish: March 5, 2021
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 435
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Book URL: Buy

In Occupied France, in June 1944, a small team of British women prepare to take on the German occupiers. They are members of the highly secretive Special Operations Executive. This small team codenamed ‘Gamekeeper’ have been in country for over two years working with and training the local Maquis in the fictional Norman town of Le Visham.

The leader of the team is Commander Robyn Blake, of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry and we follow her war from 3rd September 1939 until July 1944 when Gamekeeper finally goes home. We watch as Robyn is recruited and trained by SOE and meets up with the other three members of the team. We also follow Robyn's personal war with all the triumphs and tragedy that goes on in war. The team start with low-level sabotage and demoralising of the enemy and as we get nearer and nearer to the invasion, the sabotage gets more and more overt such as the Operation Pheasant attack on a radar station before the final Operation Hailstorm to liberate Le Visham from the Germans.

Robyn has to juggle the strenuous tasks of running the Maquis with their leader ‘Yogi’, coordinating efforts with London, doing the job of town magistrate, keeping the Germans unaware of Maquis activity and worrying about her loved ones back in England. The 2nd in Command is Captain Kim Jollands, a nurse by training and the teams' sabotage expert and medic. The wireless operator or pianist is Lieutenant Irene Rose who is assisted by a Maquis fighter and Lieutenant Jayne Harding is the team’s paymaster, chef du parachutage and courier.

They are up against Colonel Franz Strauss, a veteran of WW1 and is happy to sit the war out in peace plus the dreaded Gestapo threaten to disrupt the peace of Le Visham. Robyn and her team twist their tails and start a civil war within the Gestapo through Gamekeeper and a previous operation that the team did.




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