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Pixie’s Gift
Author: Raven Wolfe
Publish: December 1, 2020
Format: ebook
Pages: 146
Language: English
Book URL: Buy

Pixie's Gift is a short story about love and loss for the main characters Sarah and Adam. They are two separate people who are trapped in their own emotional despair, while struggling to come to terms with the sudden deaths, of people that they couldn’t imagine living without.

The story is set in a small quaint village just before Christmas, which has been made famous by the local bridge. At the end of the bridge stands the Night Cafe run by a lovable elderly woman named Gladys, and her slightly pompous cat Claude. People come from miles around to visit the bridge but, Adam and Sarah, plagued by their own regrets, guilt and loss are slowly drawn there by Pixie a ghostly employee of the cafe and resident of the bridge, for very different reasons. Strangers until now, Adam and Sarah with Pixie's help, are able to confront their own losses and learn the truth of what really happened to their loved ones. Finally, putting the ghosts of the past to rest, they are able to let go, finding support in each other in the process. Only then do they find that universal knowledge that love never really dies.





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