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Quin’s Abduction
Author: Al Pine
Publish: February 12, 2018
Format: ebook
Pages: 130
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Book URL: Buy

Quin's Abduction


"I am falling upwards through the twilit sky ... upwards in a lazy spiral through the frost-rimed, bare branches and twigs of the winter woodland. My breath mingles with the billowing, freezing fog and my feet are tumbling over my shoulders as I am drawn, bemused, ever closer towards the waiting glare. It is the size of a full moon in the darkening sky; its pearly light diffused by thick cloud, yet bright enough to render silhouettes of the countless tree limbs that seem to caress me like a poignant farewell to the world that I know and yet don’t know ...

I am afraid. I feel empty inside ... so empty that I dare not look within and face the nothingness. So devoid of being that I cannot feel my skin. I don’t know where I end, or where I begin. I remember nothing ... know nothing ... only that my name is Quin."




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