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Radios In Motion
Author: Rob Spooner
Publish: July 17, 2021
Format: ebook, Paperback
Country: England
Language: English
Book URL: Buy

Following an acute psychotic episode, Lugwin Loggins, the DJ narrator of FM247: Radios In Motion, is admitted to Speedwell Hospital. Locked away in the hinterlands of Binfield State, he is haunted by a childhood dream about the killing of the Albanian Civil Rights leader, Ramiz F. Kreshnik.

His hospital physician, Dr. Beradi, prescribes radio therapy to help unlock the meaning of this dream and as part treatment of his schizo-affective disorder which causes him to hear voices, including that of his inspirational DJ persona, ‘The Emperor.’

Lugwin resolves to compile a playlist of 100 songs for his radio therapy. Each song informs his understanding of how his fractured family background has impacted on his brittle mental health as he seeks to transition to ‘community care’ at Pier View Court, a supported housing unit in the fictitious Binfield-on-Sea.

Will this be sufficient to protect his struggling mental health? Can Lugwin make his dream of public service broadcasting a reality?



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