The Writers Showcase

Author: Charlotte Pugh
Publish: August 12, 2020
Format: ebook


Riley living her life dictated by her parents, one thing she knew for certain her parents controlled her life. Even decided who she was going to marry.
On her sixteenth birthday they told her she was going to marry into another wealthy family. He was told too. Introduced but told nothing can happy between them romantically until they were wed.
Maddox had a secret he couldn’t tell his future bride. Few years older than her, wealthy in his own right. Mine. Radiated through him when they met, she was his she just didn’t know what that meant yet. They grew close. He kept her secrets and secret life hidden from her parents letting her live and be the woman he knew she was going to be.
Taken without a trace he did everything he could to track her down. His pack searching for her using every means necessary to find her, Maddox needed her back. Not knowing what was happening to her drove him crazy.
Waking up in a cell became the normal for Riley for a few months, taken and hurt by a man she came to like. Unknown pull towards him she couldn’t deny. He did what he had too, but he couldn’t keep her at arm’s length even with orders from his Alpha. Ryder wants to keep her to himself.
Finding Riley and keeping her safe become Maddox’s life.
Can their worlds go back to how it was after everything she has been through? How her body and mind have changed since Riley’s been gone. Maddox love for her run’s deep but is it deep enough to accept another as well.




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