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Sixty Years from Now
Author: Amit Radha Krishna Nogam
Publish: January 1, 2021
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 218
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Book URL: Buy

Sixty Years from Now

Nigam's poetry is dense in sensory feelings, obsessive in tone and severely lyrical in nature with coherent elements of philosophy and surrealism at the heart of it. He is allegorical but his words don’t wear masks or aprons and are sufficiently clear, intelligently-bold and deep-impacting. The grip is tight and unflinching in dealing with relationships, nationality and the human psyche (~Natalie Holborow) and the ‘eclectic range of poems’ (~ Max Stern) is full 'with evocative diction and distinct insights' (~ U Atreya Sarma). Re-Reckoning is profuse with this and much more investigations on our discrete individual experiences of life, family, love, longings, sufferings, and self to broader subjects surrounding our contemporary society; Indian urban living, environment, race, spirituality... In his poems, cities fall and the dead talks. Love never gets old and the reality of the present is mixed with the memories of the past and what follows is a paramnesia that will have you returning to it like an old friend. Crafted using the objects of ordinary discourse and abstract personal narratives, Re-Reckoning is Amit's most successful word-tapestry, an ‘utterly charismatic treasure trove of literature with definitive use of free verse in an appealing manner’ (~Dr. Ajay Singh) and the one that surely establishes him in the prominent light of the contemporary Indian poetry landscape.





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