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So You Want to be an Author
Author: Graham.J.Burlem
Publish: 2021
Format: ebook, Paperback
Book URL: Buy

So you want to be an author. Maybe even write a best seller. There are lots and lots of books out there on how to do it.

But in my experience they all tell you what you need to do – but not how to do it. Which is much like saying ‘End your meal with a nice home-made sherry trifle for dessert’ Then leave out how you make one. I hope this book will explain not only what you need to do but also how it’s done. Not only what is necessary, but also the ‘nuts and bolts’ that make it necessary.

There are no rules on how to write –but there are guidelines. Those guidelines, combined with your energy and application, should put you on the road to becoming a competent author. And the more you practice the better you become. However, an understanding of the basics is always helpful – how the fundamentals operate and what effect they have. If you want your car to stop there’s no point in pressing the accelerator. You have to know what reaction you will get from what you do. Writing, like life, is not really any more complicated than that.


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