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The Gathering
Author: Charlie Sweeney
Publish: October 14, 2020
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 271
Country: Northern Ireland
Language: English
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The Gathering

Their lands, the Nine Boroughs, are abundant in food and shelter. They prosper, expand and it could be said, have become complacent in their existence. However, far to their Western Border, other eyes look on with want and jealousy on this bountiful land. Now a great Lord has assembled the Hoard, West of the River border, and they plan an invasion the Clan will not see coming until it is too late. The invasion of the Clan’s territory is underway and due to the Clan’s seasons of complacency, they find themselves unprepared for what is coming. A small band of Clan members make a stand at the Clan’s ancestral home, but they are outnumbered by at least six to one. But just when all seems lost, one family will hold the key to the Clan’s survival. Can a Mother and her four young children rise to the challenge? The fate of the Clan and the Boroughs will rest in them overcoming adversity, personal tragedy and learning to wield the Power and Titles suddenly thrust upon them.
The Gathering will take you to a world that is all around you, just seen through different eyes.
Not all cats are fluffy and cute ....





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