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The Motorcycle Undertaker
Publish: April 20, 2021
Format: Paperback
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English

The Motorcycle Undertaker

At last its available!! The Motorcycle Undertaker by Kevin Keld.

It’s been a long hard struggle to arrive at this point. It’s almost one year on from the motorcycle accident that left me fighting for life after suffering (deep breath), fractured eye sockets, broken mouth roof, bottom teeth knocked out, fractured shoulder, fractured elbow, deflated lung, bruised knee then to make things worse I contracted sepsis and pneumonia whilst in hospital.

After 3 months in Hull Royal and Castle Hill, I was released to temporarily live with my daughter in Driffield. I am still living there and undergoing physio for the injuries. I still rely on being in a wheelchair if I have anything more than a short distance to complete I can’t drive for the time being. It’s unlikely that I will ever ride a motorcycle again (I am looking at adapting the trike though) which is a bit of a shame as I was considering perhaps once again becoming involved with an MC. However, having time on my hands does allow me the time to concentrate on writing the second book.

I cannot thank enough the friends and family who have bent over backwards to assist me in my year of need. One thing that boosted my mood was the amount of best wishes I received from friends and past customers from around the world, believe me when I was at my lowest it was such a boost for morale.
Anyway, forgive me for bleating on, here are the details for ordering your own personal signed copy of the book. Send £13.99 via PAYPAL to KEVKELD@TISCALI.CO.UK and don’t forget to include your delivery address. It can be ordered through eBay but for obvious reasons, this costs a couple of quid more. I am not making any money on this book only covering my costs.




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