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The Pipers Children
Author: Edward Figg
Publisher: 28 May, 2021
Format: Paperback

The Pipers Children

Two brothers, Mark, aged ten, and Tom, aged twelve, are evacuated to their uncle's farm in Somerset to escape the nightly bombing by Hitler’s Luftwaffe. Here they experience village life as it was during wartime with rationing and shortages. For them, it’s a new kind of lifestyle full of new and exciting things to do. They meet characters like the eccentric village vicar and the Scoutmaster Mr Grimms with his baggy shorts and big hat. On Toms's first trip into the village, a German plane skims across the rooftops sending shoppers running for cover. It’s here that Tom finds himself pursued by Gillian, the shopkeeper's daughter. She is something he is not prepared for or wants to take on.
Tom and Mark are befriended by Arthur and Ginger, the two village's misfits. These two are always on the lookout for a bit of fun. There’s trouble when Arthurs pet ferret, Minnie, escapes during the Sunday church service, causing chaos among the congregation.
Tom’s younger brother, Mark, acts as a foster mother to a piglet. He names it Winston after the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill but keeping Winston in Mark's own bed at night does not impress his Aunt Mary. They come face to face with German prisoners of war working on the farm and meet the two flirtatious Land Army girls, Kate and Rose.
Even in this quiet backwater of Somerset, the war reaches out to them. For young Tom, his life gets turned upside down after finding out his best friend, who lived two streets away from him in Brixton, is killed during an air-raid along with the whole family.
Tom’s father, an RAF pilot, flies over the farm and drops them an unusual gift, a delicacy they can’t get in wartime, bananas. With their two newfound friends' help, they try their hand at tickling trout in the local river.
The boys are on hand to watch as a fight breaks out at a darts match between the guards of a nearby German prisoner camp and the Red Bull public house. After, they look on as the two protagonists are dragged bodily down to the duck pond by the village constable, PC Pettigrew, and thrown into the pond to sober them up.
The village gets put on alert, and the Home Guard is sent out to look for a lone German parachutist. While out with the Boy Scouts collecting money that evening for the village Spitfire Fund the four sneak into the flour mill to get out of the rain. In there, they are captured by the parachutist and held at gunpoint. Tom, who was not discovered, plans to escape from the mill using the water wheel. He makes good his escape and goes for help.
The spy is caught, but not before recapturing Tom after returning to the mill to watch the arrest. Later, all four boys are paid a visit by the security services and rewarded. They later make a discovery that leads the police to IRA collaborators who have been raiding sheep farms, butchering them, and selling them on the black market.




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