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The Tippling Tales
Author: Mike Bellis
Publish: July 20, 2021
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 187
Book URL: Buy

The Tipping Tales.  Daniel Hawthorn was 11 years old and unknown to him could become the greatest wizard of all time. The evil Master Huckle and his loyal Grotchin servants would use everything in their power like wizardry sorcery and spells to try and destroy the boy before he knows his true strengths in the world of magic. Zezma the great Tippling from the land of Fentwell would be released from his glass coffin and help Daniel on his journey into the world of mystical creatures. The storm on that early December morning in the village of Bont would change Daniels life forever. Huckle had entered his dreams and Daniel would have to fight for his life to survive. Huckle is here beware of the master.




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