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The Tooth Bearer and the Masked Crown
Publish: August 21, 2021
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 366
Book URL: Buy

Grown in glade by brook or tree.

Fairy rings just for thee.
Step within by moon’s first light.
To be taken against your might.

The Tooth Bearer and the Masked Crown: King Pontin of the fairy realm has been missing for years ever since he failed to prevent the Darkness of Disbelief from edging closer into his land.

As the consequences of past events emerge, the Tooth Bearer is forced to grit her teeth and fight tooth and nail to save those she loves. However, a new powerful adversary stands in her way, one who will stop at nothing to see their plan succeed.

Will the Tooth Bearer solve the riddle of why fairy rings are appearing all over our world, and will the Masked Crown be revealed?



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