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The Tooth Bearer – illustrated Edition
Author: David Howden
Publish: August 31, 2020
Format: ebook, Paperback
Language: English
Book URL: Buy

Following a chance encounter with a tooth fairy, a seven-year-old Katelyn accidentally gets transported to the magical land of the fairies.
Missing her parents and with her route home in jeopardy, she tries to find a way home aided by her friends Tilly the Tooth Fairy and a magical Toothsayer known as Timoir, as well as characters met on route.
She soon discovers that she is a Tooth Bearer, a person whose baby teeth hold magical properties that are the key to the survival of the whole fairy world by holding at bay a shroud of darkness that is slowly covering the magical realm known as ‘The Darkness of Disbelief’, generated by humans forgetting about fairies as they grow up.
However, others aim to keep her in their new realm and prevent her from succeeding, for they are tired of the hold humans have over them and decide to take matters into their own hands. Led by a villainous, pompous royal painter known as Tiberius and his two gremlin henchmen, Sharpclaw and Lenny, they hope to prevent the magical ritual that disperses the Darkness of Disbelief from taking place.
The action culminates at the Crystal Shard in the fairy capital city of Landon, where the ritual is held. Katelyn and her friends are able to prevent Tiberius and his henchmen from destroying the crystal that has the power to return Katelyn to her home and stall the Darkness of Disbelief. She returns to her own home and is asked by her new friends for help in getting the humans to believe in magic and their realm again, the only real cure to the ever increasing Darkness.
The story will continue in book 2.



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