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The Wish Dogtor
Author: Sean Peter
Publish: July 31, 2019
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 250
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English

The Wish Dogtor

In this the first of my books I loosely describe my life as a young Irish boy growing up in the Enzulweni valley in Swaziland. The daily exuberance that only the young can find in ‘running wild ‘ in the countryside, the curtailing of my total joy of living by being sent to Boarding School in South Africa and discovering that people are thought of differently by the colour of their skin. My total abhorrence of the draconian establishment of Boarding School, the freedom of a left-wing University once again being contrasted to the ultra-conservative approach of the Vet School.
The happiness I felt in working in the then townships of Soweto, Tembisa, Tsakane and Alexander, the daily hilarity I experienced in dealing with my patients and the opportunity to help and educate them in caring for their animals. My unwitting involvement in a riot and my subsequent conviction which changed my life drastically changing me from a normal person to that of an uninspiring terrorist.
Above all, it is a description of a Sunny Continent and a people who can be understanding and forgiving even in the harshest environment, and are often misjudged because ‘African Ways’ are not the same as ‘European ways’ and should never be held in comparison. It is not a biography and is certainly not meant to be judgemental but a comical narrative of someone trying to live normally and just failing at it due to poor judgment.
I hope it is entertaining and light-hearted, obviously, I am not an English Major but just a common hack, so please accept my errors in composition and punctuation.





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