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Tourist Trap
Author: Lee Cushing
Publish: August 26, 2016
Format: ebook
Pages: 136
Language: English

If Brenda Pearce knew she’d be chased by vampires on her husband’s business trip to a British coastal resort, she might have chosen both safety and boredom and stayed home in the states instead of accompanying him. A chance meeting at the conference dinner lures her into an entangled web of deceit, cover-ups, revenge and the Trust … and her adrenaline and excitement wouldn’t have it any other way!

Brenda’s frustration becomes a living nightmare, she knows everything, but nobody believes her. Her parents murderer is still on the loose but how can she have revenge on him and how can a layperson convince the Trust about what she knows? To top it all off what do the legendary vampires, the strigoiand Upierczi who have joined forces have to do with it all, and can a safe house be the best place to abscond from them?

They say when it comes to family blood is thicker than water …. what personal information and events does Brenda uncover that shocks her to the core? What family dynamics are affecting the newly recruited Trust operative Ian knight as he tries to protect Brenda?

Just another bloody link from Catherine Jordan and her team operatives chain, this Pop Culture horror story is full of modern day revenge tainted with Romanian and Russian mythology. Revenge is sweet, or does it actually taste of blood?




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