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Unbroken Spirit
Author: Jason Titley
Publish: October 1, 2020
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 472
Language: English
Book URL: Buy

Jack is twelve and moves to a new house due to his families financial problems. Jack spends his days when not at school watching the other kids play outside and reading comics dreaming of being a superhero.

Jack suffers from brittle bones, this makes him withdrawn and scared about going out to play due to the risk and the awkward questions from the other kids. He makes friends with two other kids in the street Ben and Grace when they knock on his door to get a ball that has gone into Jack’s garden.

Whilst searching for the ball they happen across a magical gate that takes them to another world. In this world the three friends are lauded as heroes and saviours. They find out that there are six realms in this world who for years lived in peace, until one realm became corrupt and evil wishing to conquer and control the other realms. The once peaceful realms had to create armies to counter this evil, in a last gasp effort to rid themselves of this evil force they created a great spell and cast them into another world created by the spell. Unfortunately during the great battle some of the people from the other realms were taken into this other world and became trapped.

The other world is Earth and the friends are given a quest to find the other chosen ones to defeat the enemy once and for all and save both worlds.

Jack is reluctant to do it due to his condition until they are taken to the tree they worship as their god, here the three are given swords imbued with magical powers that transforms them into warriors and removes his condition enabling him to go on the quest and become the hero he has always dreamt of.
Whilst inside the tree they learn about the gods that created the world they are now in and what caused one god to turn evil, corrupting the race he was supposed to look after.

In this realm they find two more of the chosen and find that the final one is back on Earth/
Eventually they cross back into our world, once here the lack of magic transforms them back into children again, however on their return the evil that has lain dormant for so long is now making its move. The evil entity casts a spell returning magic to our world but at the same time destroying technology as science and magic cannot exist together. His armies sweep across the globe as all weapons become useless and armies are overrun.

As all this is going on in the world they have outposts of hidden cities where magic has been kept hidden from the modern world, these become havens for the survivors.

As magic sweeps back across the globe the three friends regain their powers and the quest for the final chosen one begins.




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