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Whispers of War
Author: Kara S. Weave
Publish: November 30, 2020
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 478
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Book URL: Buy

Whispers of War


There is more than one way to fight a war. Giving up is not one of them.A gift to the Kyrinthan king, Shalitha finds herself on dangerous ground. When the only person she could count on disappears, she must fight her way out or die trying. With the future of two kingdoms resting on her shoulders, it’s no longer just her life at stake. But does Shalitha have what it takes to survive the ordeal and save both countries?

Free from the clutches of the tyrant queen of Ilvanna, Talnovar hopes to finish his mission and find the rightful Queen. Chased by dangerous adversaries, he barely reaches the Zihrin shores when disaster strikes again. Alone and enslaved, he struggles to find his way to freedom and the woman he loves. When help arrives from the unlikeliest of allies, Talnovar doesn’t hesitate. But can he trust this stranger, or will it be the worst mistake of his life?






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