What Should You Think About When Designing Your Book Cover?

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Full article with thanks to: silverwoodbooks.co.uk/learning-zone/the-principles-of-great-book-cover-design A great cover can be a major factor in persuading book shops to stock your self-published book and then getting the reader to access the pages inside. If your book cover has even a hint of the amateur about it, bookshops won’t stock it, and potential readers may not get as far as picking up … Read More

How Are Professional Book Covers Designed?

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Full article with thanks to: www.penguin.co.uk/articles/company/getting-published/How-book-covers-are-designed.html A book’s cover design is the window into its story and might be the reason a reader first picks it up. The art of conveying an entire manuscript into a single image, and making sure it’s targeting the right audience, is a task taken on not just by designers, but by editors and the … Read More

Writers Block

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Don’t be afraid of it. It happens to everyone. Treat it as an occupational hazard. But don’t let it control you. Have a cup of tea. Think about your boyfriend / girlfriend / partner for ten minutes. And if you don’t have one. How you might get one. I have a foam filled football I kick around my office for … Read More