New Author Advice and Support

You'll find lots of advice, tips and articles to help you with everything from how to plan your book to getting over writers block on our blog.  You can also find help and support on our authors forum.

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Cost: Free



Online Forum with Other Writers

An on-line facility available to help answer your questions and to help with queries and advice. Eg. How to get over writers block. Where to go and who to ask in respect of researching something you need to know. How to summon up inspiration etc.

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Cost: FREE



Book Cover Design

Who ever said you can’t judge a book by its cover never wrote one. Because the cover is the very first contact your reader will have with your book. Make the cover dull and you could be William Shakespeare or J.K. Rowling and they probably won’t get to the first page. We here at The Writers Showcase have great designers at our disposal that can make your book stand out and take the reader by his/her shirt front and make them read what you have to say. If you decide to instruct our designers. They will work with you to interpret your ideas perhaps with a few suggestions of their own to create a cover that will demand attention.  

To order this service you will pay a 50% deposit and the balance will be paid once you're happy with the design.  Please contact us to arrange this service.

Cost: £195


Script Editing Service

It doesn’t matter how many times you read your work. A fresh eye to it will always pick up something you’ve missed. Script editing is so important to give your work the final professional finish. So that when it’s presented to a publisher or TV executive. They know that you know what you’re doing. We here at The Writers Showcase can script edit your work so that it is flawless.   Please contact us to arrange this service.

Cost: £299



The Writers Showcase Library

One of the main functions of this website is to provide new authors a place to display their work - and to provide readers with a place to discover new and exciting writers and their books.  We are aiming to launch our fully functioning website early in 2021 we will then also launch our full marketing campaign to bring readers to our site as well as contacting agencies and TV and film companies to provide them with a new and unique way to find new talent.

PRELAUNCH OFFER - For a short time we are offering authors the opportunity to upload their books for free.  We are aiming to launch our fully functioning website early in 2021 at which point there will be a charge of £225 to upload a book.  

You can upload the first few chapters of your book...or even the whole thing if you'd like to, to our site for our readers to browse. 


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Marketing Package

Once your work is complete you will of course want to get it in front as many people as possible, and that's where our marketing package comes in.

We will:

  • Create a website for you that will promote you as an author as well as your current and future work.  Price includes full design of your site, domain name and 3 months hosting.
  • Set up your social media to go with your website.
  • Manage your social media marketing for a period of 3 months.
  • Advise on other ways that you can market yourself and help you to get those in place.
  • Upload your book onto The Writers Showcase Library
  • Help you to get your book onto Amazon if you haven't already done so (or advise on how the listing could be improved).
  • Contact our extensive range of internet 'bloggers' to request their assistance in promotion of your book.
  • Put you in our 'Authors Spotlight' on the homepage of our website for 1 week
  • Support and advise you for the duration of your 3 month package.
  • You will also benefit from 10% off all our other services.

Please contact us to arrange this service.

Cost: £985