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Get Discovered, Get Talked About, Get Sales!

If your ambition is to be a successful novelist. To obtain maximum exposure for your work and achieve high sales. Then hope is not a game plan. Hope is not a course of action. You need to take pro-active action to realise those ambitions.

Your book whether self-published or published in the conventional way is only one of many. We live in a publishing age where you need to voice out loud about your work so that it gets recognition. Advertising on different platforms and media is hugely expensive for individuals and provides no guarantee of recognition or sales from them. The cost of uploading your book on the Writers Showcase site is spectacularly less than anything it might cost you to promote your work yourself in the way we do. Because we give you access to the world.

Once you’ve uploaded your book on The Writers Showcase it provides the opportunity for readers to read several chapters of your work free of charge. Which gives you the opportunity of reaching people you might not otherwise ever have been able to, which also includes literary agents and publishers who themselves may possibly be on the look-out for new talent. The site also provides a link to Amazon and other retail outlets for the readers to purchase your work in either Kindle or book form once we’ve whetted their appetite.

But we don’t stop there. Once you’ve uploaded your work. Thanks to our database of readers, we are able to send regular and continuous e-mail shots to them about your work to keep it, and your name, constantly in front of them. It’s all part of our efforts to help promote sales and spread the word about you. Because however good your novel is. It won’t sell if readers don’t know of it or you.

One of the main functions of this website is to provide new authors a place to display their work – and to provide readers with a place to discover new and exciting writers and their books.  As our site is still relatively new and we are building up a catalogue of new authors, so presently this service is offered at a significantly reduced rate of £24.99 (normal rate will be £125 per book) (you will not be charged anything in addition in the future).

You will be able to upload part or all of your book to our site for our readers to enjoy.  In a few months once we have built up a sufficient base of authors we will also be contacting agencies and TV and film companies to provide them with a new and unique way to find new talent.  We have already built up a good database of readers who are eagerly awaiting information on new authors that have uploaded their book to our site.

Once you have processed your order you will receive an email from us with a link on how to upload your book to our site.


The Writers Showcase service is available to all authors whether previously published (self or conventional) or presenting a debut work. All genres are accepted. Though we will not accept work that is racist or contravenes the law in any way.

The fee for presenting your work on the site and promotional work thereafter is a one-off, promotional cost of £24.99.

Your book will remain on the site for that fee until otherwise instructed by you. You do have the opportunity of extra promotional activity. But it is not mandatory and we leave it very much in the hands of the author whether they wish to take advantage of such a further service.