1. The Writers Showcase will unreservedly and immediately remove from its site any work that is racially abusive, Homophobic, or offends or insults any minority groups.
  2. The proprietors of the Writers Showcase accept work on the basis that it is of original substance. And that if any part of it is not . Then it is not presented without the originators permission(if necessary) acknowledgement, or royalties having been paid should that be pertinent. The Writers Showcase can and will not be held responsible for persons or organisations should this rule be ignored.
  3. Work submitted with foul, and offensive language that is clearly, clearly gratuitous will be removed.
  4. Work presented to the Writers Showcase will be presented in its best presentation. But its acceptability and reading is subject to readers’ tastes and preferences.
  5. Any attendant services that are available by way of a fee. Must be paid for before being accessed.
  6. Some purchased services will require additional terms and conditions to be adhered to – please refer to any documents provided. Those are either in addition to or supercede these conditions.
  7. No service provided by The Writers Showcase guarantees the success of the author or their work. While we do our best to advise and support we can not offer any guarantees.