Join The Writers Showcase!

The Writers Showcase is a brand new book discovery service designed to give authors a platform to promote their books - and readers the opportunity to enjoy the work of new and exciting authors. 

PRELAUNCH OFFER - For a short time we are offering authors the opportunity to upload their books for free.

PLEASE NOTE: Book(s) uploaded during the prelaunch can remain on the site free of charge thereafter despite charges being introduced.

We are aiming to launch our fully functioning website early in 2021 at which point there will be a charge of £225 to upload a book.  Once you’ve uploaded your book on The Writers Showcase it will provide the opportunity for reader to read several chapters of your work free of charge . Which gives you the opportunity of reaching people you might not otherwise ever have been able to, which includes literary agents and publishers who themselves might be on the look-out for new talent. The site also provides a link to Amazon and other retail outlets for readers to purchase your work in either Kindle or book form once we’ve wetted their appetite.

You can upload the first few chapters of your book...or even the whole thing if you'd like to, to our site for our readers to browse.  

Complete the details below to upload your book to our library.  You will need to upload a cover for your book as well as part or all of your manuscript in a .pdf.  We will aim to get your book uploaded to our site within 4 working days.

Your Book Cover needs to be in a high res .jpg, .pdf or .png file, ideally as a portrait rectangle, and it needs to be 8mb or less.  If you don't have a book cover, we do offer a service to produce that for you which you can find here.

Uploading your book.  You can upload any amount of your book that you would like from just a few chapters to the whole thing!  It's really up to you.  You can easily create a .pdf from a word document by clicking 'file' and then 'export' and then selecting 'pdf'.  If you would like us to create the .pdf for you, we do also offer that as a professional service.  Please contact us for more information.  Your file needs to be a .pdf and needs to be less that 8mb in size.  


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